Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strolling to Battery Park

I followed a couple off the Staten Island Ferry as they walked over to Battery Park. Construction is going on so the city has put up modular cement divider walls. My husband said they are called Jersey Barriers. Both of the people had bleached hair. The girl on the right had a bleached afro and her partner had black roots with bleached rasta braids. I thought it would be fun to paint it. #14

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scarves For Sale

I had some wicked good cannolis and cappuccino in Little Italy. The streets are punctuated with cafe umbrellas and festive streamers strung across the avenues. The buildings are accented by American and Italian flags. There are also street vendors selling Gelato or scarves or what-nots. It was a beautiful warm day with bright sun and deep shadows. #13

Sitting On the Id

There are two huge sculptures on the corner of 58th Street and 5th Ave across from the Plaza Hotel. This is a festive spot with street performers and horse carriages. The sculptures are brightly colored tubular aluminum worm-like forms titled "The Id and the Ego." It is also a good resting spot for tourists who are tired or want a photo opportunity. I caught these two from behind as they rested on the Id. I love the strong design and colors. #12

The Good Humor Man

School girls buying ice cream from the Good Humor Man outside the Met. In our neighborhood he drives around and the children/children at heart flock out of their homes to patronize his offerings when they hear the calliope jingles. I realize not all "good humor men" are men....but it just rolls of the tongue better that way. In NYC all he has to do is park on a conspicuous corner and I guess pay a big license to do it. The Met is so busy that people are lined up to get in. #11

Monday, June 28, 2010

McLaughlin Falls

This piece is a commission so it isn't part of the NYC series, but it is in the same style and medium. It is a beautiful falls on the east side of "our" mountain, which is East Mountain. #10

A Courier Going to Work

A NYC sight...the bicycle courier. I love the abstractness of the background in this one and the subtle colors. #9

A Moment With Renior

A father and his daughters are taking a moment to rest with Renior...a painting of three daughters. I love how the father's posture is slumped...showing how tired he is. #8

3 White Lunch Boxes

I love this painting! Three ladies plopped down on a bench in Central Park to eat their lunches from white deli boxes. They were crowded together because other folks were sitting next to them. They were so intent on their yummy food that they didn't notice they had room to spread out. I loved it because they had on color coordinated outfits and flip flops. #7

Butterfly With Chalk

This little darling was dressed in a delicate white dress. She was sitting on the pavement in Central Park playing with a piece of cardboard and a crumpled tissue. It seemed so ironic that she was dressed so cute but was totally enthralled with the dirty sidewalk and her "toys." I changed the tissue to chalk, and added the sidewalk drawing, so that it made a little more sense. I loved the way she struck this pose as she was reaching for the tissue.#6

Heavenly Lemons

On a daily basis since the end of May, I have been doing oil paintings of people in NYC . Today I took a departure and did this still life of lemons and a little white marble angle my daughter brought me from Italy. It is in acrylic and is on canvas, unlike the oils which I do on panel. I paint the people from photos but this I painted alla prima (in one sitting) from "life." Going back to acrylics was harder than I would have expected. It is cool that it dried today and I stuck it in a lovely gold plein aire frame. I used a palette knife for the lemons, and a brush for the angel, shadows, and background. #5

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stepping Out

I can't figure out why some photos post really large and others so is a mystery. This is one of four paintings I did that are 4"x4" on the subject of shoes. Shoes, with feet in them, are a story unto themselves. This small format is good for specific subject matter. It makes a striking little painting. Carl is building me floating frames for these. I can't wait to get them varnished and framed. #4

Love at First Sight

This is one of the paintings I have done in the last couple of weeks. I love their poses and how much they seemed enchanted by this I did, too. It is "Roman Girl at a Fountain" by Leon Bonnat, 1875, and is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. My son says my blog writing is cryptic and that I need to make it more interesting. Unfortunately I have been condensing words in emails, facebook, etc. for so long I think I have forgotten how to write intelligently! Sorry. #3

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Bag

It worked! I have tried several times today to post with a photo and the button just didn't do anything but now it is! This painting is one I did from my visit to NYC...the series I am currently working on. A woman with a huge red bag was waiting for the Staton Island Ferry.#2

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am figuring out how to do this blog. I am posting a painting I did from my trip to NY to take a class with Karin Jurick at the National Academy of Fine Arts. I have been painting almost every day since the workshop and am learning a lot. #1
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