Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Easy Breezy

6"x6" oil
Today was a good day.  I didn't get everything done I would have wanted, but I came close enough and had a good time.  However, in the process of having a full day, my painting time was relegated to the dark hours.  As a result, I chose something I considered to be easy to paint.  I think, in part, feeling like it was going to be easy helped it to be so.  Anyway, I like a lot of things about this painting like the colors (complements) the texture and the breezy happiness it exudes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bleu Lavande

This painting was done at the Beu Lavande farm near Magog, Quebec.  It was a beautiful day when I arrived and set up.  Then I realized I had forgotten some really important colors, so I did what I could.  As I was working on it, dark stormy clouds suddenly moved in over the distant hill.  Quickly I packed up and made it to the picnic shelter before I got soaked.  My painting however was quite altered by the rain which quickly turned into hail accompanied by fierce winds.  I made a new friend with a young woman playing the harp until the noise from the storm drowned out her music.  Finally I headed home in torrential rains, dodging downed branches on the road.  When I crossed back over the border the US customs agent was unnecessarily rude.  He accused me of lying when I told him I hadn't bought anything.  I guess he never encountered a plein air painter.  I showed him my painting supplies.  I get the importance of vigilance at border crossings, but being rude because you have the power is just not OK.  The Canadian crossing authorities had been very friendly, thorough, and told me to have a nice day.  Something is wrong with this scenario.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Guest House

8"x8" original oil
This painting was both a challenge and was freeing for me.  I somehow deleted the photo I had taken of this guest house at my friend's home on the cape.  I had done a sketch which I based the painting on, but I hadn't made color notes.  The challenge was to get enough detail to create a mood and try to capture some of the details which originally enchanted me.  The freeing part was not being tied to a photo and getting to lmake it up as I went.  What I really like about this lovely cabin is the turquoise used for the trim and flower pots and the metal sun sculpture hanging by the door.
This is a better photo of yesterday's painting.  I am still thinking about making some changes to it.

Friday, August 26, 2016

View From the Bridge

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 I am going to do this one again...I am not happy with the results.  Some professionals say you should only show your best work, but I think it is good to see the process, including the failures so that others can understand what is happening better.  The reason I don't like may be just because the photo isn't as telling as the painting.  I know the whole left side is darker on the painting and the subtleties of colors is much better  I think a proportion or two needs a bit of tweaking as well.  I love the subject matter, so I will try again.  Also below is another drawing on birch that I did for an upcoming painting. I haven't done any small paintings in a while so I am rusty and I knew that going into this painting.  I assumed it would be a wipe-off, but I liked it enough to photograph it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

At the Beach

Beach on Cape Cod 8"x10" oil
I painted this earlier this summer on a beautiful day while visiting Cape Cod with some friends.  Since then I have been crazy busy with 3 large projects I did for donations and fund raisers.  I hope to get photos so I can post them, but I forgot to get them before I moved them from the studio.  Below is a sneak-preview of a project I am working on for Sept.  I am drawing out fairly detailed sketches on birch and sealing them with clear gesso.  I am going to do some limited painting (I think) using more neutrals than I normally use.  I am just trying out something I hope to develop.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cape Cod Lighthouse

8"x10" oil
One of the challenges of plein aire painting is getting down the big color/value shapes early on and then not losing them in the details.  The red streak across the grass is some meadow weed that was so pretty and created a layer of rusty red, contrasting its compliment, green.  The shadows on the lighthouse were fabulous to paint.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Pastoral Setting on Ocean Bluff

This was painted in June at Cape Cod.  It was a wonderful trip and I am so happy that my friend Paula Hult was such an awesome host and painting buddy.  Since then I have been really busy and will post some photos soon showing what I have accomplished.
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