Friday, August 31, 2012

Eggs Anyone? oil 7"x7" $135

This is an interesting diversion from beach related paintings.  It is a raw egg with shells on a whitish plate.  It was a challenge on DPW.  Carol Marine is the master egg painter and I have often thought I should try it, as I know it is not an easy subject.  Anytime you are painting white on white, it is really important to relate the values to one another.  With white, you have to make the darks so that the light areas read as highlights.  I set this under yellowish lights and it gave it warm glow.  These exercises push the artist out of their comfort zone and make them really study the subject and learn something new (hopefully).

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hand In Hand 9"x9" NFS

I love this painting...the top two reasons are Samara and Ollie, but I also like the subject, the colors, the edginess...grandpa's big hat.....their I am keeping this one!  I think it is the second painting I have really done for myself!

not available

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vacation 9"x9" oil sold

You just got to celebrate those beautiful moments when a family is all together and focused on having fun!  This is a sunny painting on a rainy day (a good day to start back to school).


Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunset on the Bay 5"x7" oil $100

Sunsets can be spectacular with this view, but even a quiet sunset with light just peaking under the edge of thick cloud cover is an inspiring vision. I can see why some artists specialize in painting clouds and light...they are ever changing and unique snapshots.


I had an opening at the Chaffee Art Gallery on Saturday and it was a really fun event with good food, good drinks, good music, good art, and good company.  I had 32 pieces in is a photo of eight of them.

View From the Porch 5"x7" oil sold

I messed with this too much!  I liked how it turned out but I couldn't get a good photo of it because it seemed to pick up a glare on every edge.  It is the relaxing view over the bay during a sunset on a cloudy day.  I think I tried to put too much into it, and I did take out a few things, but it was a good exercise, and it does convey peace which is what I was after.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Bucket of Sand 5"x7" $100

When you are three, you need some direction on how to build a sand castle.  This little lady is getting help from her grandpa.  I love doing beach paintings because it takes me right back to the sound of the waves.  I am so fascinated with the various colors reflected by the sand and water and sky and how they change colors as it gets deeper.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waves 6"x6" oil $100

This is in the evening.  The sky is hazy but the setting sun has just peaked below the cloud cover enough to shine on the edge of the wave, on her body, and touches in the sand.  Most of the beach combers have headed home while a few of us took quiet walks on the edge of the surf.  Even though sea is relatively quiet, I called it "Waves" because I like the way her skirt echoes the rhythm of the sand and waves.  This painting really captures how I felt in my quiet time at the beach.  I worked hard to give the sky a hazy look with yellows, grays and pinks and capture the color of the water.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great Black-backed Gull 6"x6" oil $100

Firstly, I give this bird a 9.5 for take-off form!  There was hardly a ripple as he lifted off.  I saw him out in the water alone and couldn't tell what kind of bird it was, although it was noticeably larger than any of the gulls on the beach.  After some research, I am assuming it was a Great Black-backed Gull that was still wearing juvenile plumage.  I did this in the style of the current DPW challenge, which was to use 2 complementary colors plus white.  I chose blue and orange.  With one of the colors, you could create a full range of shades (like reddish blue to greenish blue) but with the other color, you could only mix it with the compliment and/or white.  I could have pushed the range of the blues a lot more, but I wanted a grayish background.  I used the orange and only mixed it with the blue (creating brown) or with white, to lighten it. Here's one of our vacation sea gull stories:  We were on the beach and a gull snagged a large, unopened bag of chips from some folks near us and took off in a low flight, weighted down by the chips.  A little boy popped up and started chasing the gull who couldn't get enough lift and finally dropped the bag of chips quite a way down the beach.  The little boy was thrilled to get his chips back and be the hero of the family!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Riches 5"x6" $90 still life

I just returned from a week on the beach.  After unpacking and dumping loads of sand, doing laundry and resting up from my exhausting fun, I finally got down to the job of painting.  I haven't painted for more than a week, and as many of my fellow artists will testify, there is usually an attack of trepidation associated with starting up again.  So I cleaned my palette, squeezed my paint tubes, sorted brushes, unpacked my art stuff, and downloaded a million photos.  Three hours later, I finally settled on this little still life.  I was deliberately trying to do something a bit simple and not beach related.  One of the many riches you discover when returning home from a summer vacation is an abundance of produce in the garden.  I consider my bed, my quiet country home, my personal routine, friends and family to also be daily riches in my life.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Osprey View 6"x6" oil landscape

Another view of Megansett Bay.  One of the interesting features were all the Osprey nests and chicks.  It was fun watching the adults coax the fledglings from the nest.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Karen's Garden 5"x7" oil floral $100

Karen's gardens are a masterpiece of colors and shapes with darting birds and flitting butterflies and this overlooks a magnificent view of the bay.   After days of staring at the boats and water my eyes were strained by the sun and I wanted to do something "quiet" in the shade, so I plucked these blooms from her garden.  I worked and worked on the color of the butterfly bush ...they were the most electric of magenta/purples I have ever seen, but I couldn't figure it out, although when I compared the actual flower to the painting it looked spot on.  This is one of those weird things you have to figure it the value, the contrast, the background?  This may look like just another boring bouquet to someone else, but I recall how closely I studied them, how I felt in the shade and breeze, and all the challenges I tried to resolve, and I can't help but love it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Megansett Bay oil 6"x6" $100

This is one of those paintings that I worked on keeping loose but felt like there was a lot of fiddling to get all the details in.  I may re-do this one in a larger format which might work better.  I was challenged to get the boats in.  There masts are much higher than you might think and there were a lot of them in the bay.  I loved doing the 2 American flags! SOLD

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dinner Bell 5"x7" oil $100 plein air landscape

This is from my trip to Cape Cod with my friend Heather who did watercolors that were so charming.  We stayed with her friend (and now mine) Karen.  Karen's house is up on the bluff over-looking Magansett Bay.  I spent a lot of time just staring at the view. She had a perfect shady porch with a constant gentle breeze to entice us out there and the view was mesmerizing.  The food was wonderful, the company delightful and the ambiance was charming.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Main Street 9"x9" oil $225

I think this is a scene still evident on Main Streets across America...guys sitting on benches and watching the traffic.  I was fortunate to capture this most interesting face!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Town Festival 5"x10" oil $140

Many towns now have "First Night" to celebrate the New Year and weekly street festivals in the summer in the downtown area.  Our local one is called "Friday Night Live" and is quite popular.
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