Monday, August 20, 2012

Riches 5"x6" $90 still life

I just returned from a week on the beach.  After unpacking and dumping loads of sand, doing laundry and resting up from my exhausting fun, I finally got down to the job of painting.  I haven't painted for more than a week, and as many of my fellow artists will testify, there is usually an attack of trepidation associated with starting up again.  So I cleaned my palette, squeezed my paint tubes, sorted brushes, unpacked my art stuff, and downloaded a million photos.  Three hours later, I finally settled on this little still life.  I was deliberately trying to do something a bit simple and not beach related.  One of the many riches you discover when returning home from a summer vacation is an abundance of produce in the garden.  I consider my bed, my quiet country home, my personal routine, friends and family to also be daily riches in my life.

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