Thursday, February 11, 2016

Standing Man and Woman

5"x7" oil
This gentleman is closely examining Picasso's "Standing Woman."  I am guessing he is an artist or art student, or dedicated collector because of how closely he is looking at he brushwork.  Really it is helpful to stand back and see the whole composition, which is what most people do.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quiet Corner

5"x7" oil
I am getting so excited about all the things I can do now that I can walk and drive!  It is exciting to be alive and well.  I really want to make a trip to one or more of my favorite galleries/art museums.  On another note, I have had 3 requests just today for donations of art to auctions to benefit worthy causes.  I am glad to do this because I paint so frequently, but I know a lot of other artists that get asked as often as I do, and they don't have nearly the inventory.  It would be interesting to see some actual numbers on the amount of art donated by artists around the world every day, and see all the different causes it helps.  So, if you go to a fundraiser that auctions art, think of those artists who are donating and do your best to purchase something you love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Stroll

6"x8" oil
This is about the complimentary colors of their shirts and about the similarity in texture of their hair.  When I first saw this couple I thought they made an odd pair, but on painting them, they fit together seamlessly.  I especially like the composition of this piece.  I am working hard to learn new things, get my studio together, and create a new body of work for a solo show in 2017.  I think I will include this piece.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sarah's House

11"x14" oil
This was a commission I did a while back.  It was challenging because I was working from numerous photos that each only showed a part of the house and none directly from the front.  Also I created the autumn atmosphere because there were lovely deciduous trees around the property.  This house has been in their family for generations and they graciously sent me a very early rendition in a folkart style where all the trees had been cut down to build the house and barns.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Long Dresses (revised)

8"x8" oil
I just wasn't completely happy with my first stab at this painting.  I thought the gallery viewer was stiff and that was the problem, but after looking at it for a couple of days I realized the background magenta was just too colorful and drew too much attention so I neutralized it and now the person doesn't look odd to me.  The little painting on the left is by Tarbell and is called "Girl Reading a Book." It is my favorite part of this painting, not for the least reason, because it is so tiny and I think I got a reasonable representation of it.  Again, I have to say, Karin Jurick is my favorite painter of these types of scenes.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Engine 316

8"x8" acrylic  SOLD
This was a commission for a train enthusiast.  I did it before Christmas.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Long Dresses

I haven't done any of these gallery viewer paintings in a while.  Karin Jurik is my favorite artist who does these types of paintings.  There is a flow to her work, especially in the stance of the viewer that I feel I have not captured as well in this.  However I do really like the brushwork here and the colors are pretty yummy.  Getting a likeness of the painting on the left was a real challenge because it is so small.   So, all-in-all I like this, but I recognize there are things I need to work on.
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