Friday, August 10, 2018

Leap of Faith - Figuratively Speaking

6"x6" oil 
Remember me?  I haven't posted in a while, in part because there are so many other things to do, and in part because I have changed my routines and this one fell to the wayside and has been patiently awaiting for me to rescue it. 
It is summertime and the livin' is easy.  I love not having to wear layers of clothing and being able to walk outside barefooted.  There are marble, granite and slate quarries near where I live.  This one is pretty spectacular with high jumps into clear water that reflects the colors of the green woodlands surrounding it.  It has been unusually hot this summer so swimming and boating are at a premium. 
I am lucky enough to have my immediate family within a day's drive so have been doing the grandma thing frequently.  I have also been painting, teaching and showing my work, so I have not been idle, but I have neglected posting.  But, between all the physical activities I have been doing and enjoying company who have been awesome enough to make the trip, I don't regret losing a few routines, especailly when I can breathe new life into them when they return.  This weekend is a big art fair in our area, Art In the Park, and I am manning a tent with my paintings for sale.  If you are in the Rutland, VT, area, please come by.  Right now the forecast is looking good...but I am not going to hold my breath on that promise....Go Figure!

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