Thursday, August 18, 2011

oil cloth 24"x24" oil #329

This is something different. It is an oil cloth for a small table I have. When I became a grandma I decided I needed to cover my tables so they didn't get scuffed up. This table is the one we use for our tea parties so I made it fun and whimsical. I put 6 layers of gesso down, do the painting, then cover it with 4 layers of polyurethane. It is very labor intensive, but it makes a traditional oil cloth that will last forever and is really durable. Lisa Curry Mair makes her living making beautiful floor clothes for individuals and historic houses and museums. I learned how to do it from her book. Check out her website to learn more
not available

1 comment:

  1. Your oil cloth is very beautiful. I'm sure your grandchildren love it; I would love to have a cup of tea on top of it myself!
    Now I'm off to look at your website.


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