Friday, October 28, 2011

One Step In Front of the Other oil 2.5"x11" #374 still life

I have had some challenges lately that will be going on for a while so I won't be able to paint every day.  This is a challenge.  I modified the challenge and started at the top spending 5 minutes on each shoe.  I used my granddaughter's shoes because I wanted to illustrate the idea of putting one foot in front of the other....sometimes the only way to get through your challenges in life.


  1. I absolutely love this study. You did a great job of capturing the color and ton, without overworking anything. Do more of these! And you mentioned that you have some challenges coming up... my thoughts are with you.

  2. Beautiful little shoes. I could tell they were the shoes of a little girl just starting out in the world.
    Hope everything goes well for you Christine.

  3. Christine, this is beautiful and creative. Hope you will put one foot in front of the other until you are painting again.


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