Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Angelique 5"x7" oil portrait sold #376

It seems like forever since I have painted.



  1. I hear you! In the same boat. Missing my routine. But it's all good and we are so blessed. Love it when you post.

  2. You'll get back to it! I know you said that you have some things you had to take care of... and life always gets in the way, but you will get it back, I promise! And sometimes a break is good for you. I wound up not painting for almost two months after Karin's workshop, and it was like I needed those two months for all the lessons I had learned to really sink in. When I came back there was a bit of a warm-up period, but then things were stronger and better than ever! Read some magazines, read some blogs, that will keep you inspired and learning :)

  3. Seems like a long time to me, too! Happy to see your very fresh and lovely little painting. The colors are so nice.

  4. Amazing how the days can fly by without any painting, especially this time of year.


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