Monday, June 11, 2012

Eddie 4"x4" oil sold

Something I have been thinking about.....painting, for me, is  like an itch that I have to scratch.  For a long time I had that itch and I ignored it, then I discovered the daily painters "movement" and it gave me the kick-start I needed.  Then life got in the way, and I took a hiatus for a few months and when I returned to daily painting, it felt like a wonderful friend that I had been neglecting.  The lesson for me in this is to pay attention to those nagging feelings and attend to them without making excuses why I can't do it, or why I shouldn't make it a priority.  I feel this way about yoga, eating right, and my family and friends....that makes for a full life in my estimation.  I used to be a teacher and when I was that, it was my priority and I am thankful I had that career and met so many wonderful students, parents and fellow educators.  My creative energy went to that then, but I always knew I needed to attend to that itch to paint.


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