Monday, January 27, 2014

Still Life 4

8"x10" oil
I got my mom's favorite painting smock.  She made it to suit her and sewed pockets at angles on it.  It is made from fabric that has pansies all over it, so I was thinking of her as I painted this.  I am sure the fabric came from something else that she repurposed.  My mom could have been an inventor because she was always figuring out how to do things better, using what she already had.  Instead, she was a really great mom, grandma, greatgrandma, and a very good artist.  This still life was actually in cool light and all the colors were cool, but it was a snowy day and I decided to make it warm.  I think I might have overdone it with the bowl, but sometimes it is so much fun doing the little squigglies that it is hard to quit!
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  1. I can picture her in that smock right now. I'm so glad you have it! I may have a skewed perspective from this grey Midwestern winter misery... but I think the warmth in this is just right :)

    1. thanks guys are really getting the cold....we are too, but we expect it! Did the kids get the book?


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