Monday, November 24, 2014

Lingering Impressions

12"x12" oil
As I was driving home from my daily routine at the gym I saw this scene.  It is one that I always love because it offers a broad view that changes daily with the light and humidity.  November in Vermont can be cloudy every day which makes the world look gray.  However if you look carefully, all those grays have unique characteristics...unique flavors...some leaning yellow or lavender or all the other color influences.  Today when I saw this in passing, I knew I wanted to remember it as well as I could and try to recreate what I saw.  I am happy that I gave this exercise its due.  I watched a demo by Peter Huntoon who said that "painting is like bungee jumping...requiring great attention and focus but itbrings great joy. "   I loved that quote but I think he left out the part about how they both start with a wave of fear!

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