Friday, May 6, 2016

Power Walking

6"x6" oil
I started this painting very loosely and with a limited palette made of some rather unusual choices of transparent colors: Phthalo Blue, Indian Yellow, and Permanent Rose. For the top layer I added white to give it opacity and to add lightness.  I wasn't crazy about the greens from this mixture added with white because they looked chalky and lost the vibrancy of the transparent quality, but I went back on top in the light areas with Indian Yellow mixed with white and that helped.  I should have tried mixing in Zinc White instead of Titanium, but I will reserve this for another experiment.  The surprise and excitement I had was in the discovery is of the most lovely brown from mixing the three primaries.  I was drawn to paint this because her clothes and black with bright magenta hair matched the colors in the foliage and that was just fun!  I would not have guessed that I could make such lovely skin tones with these 3 colors.  Great experiment!

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