Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Burble (no image)

The site won't let me post images right now. This has happened before, so I will just post when I can. I am one day behind. Yesterday was one big burble. Firstly, a burble is really a skydiving term meaning a drop in air pressure usually caused when a sky diver makes the wrong move which causes this person to free-fall. If it involves a group formation that falls apart, it is called a frommel. Anyway, since it only involved me, it was a burble, but it had nothing to do with falling out of the sky. We are having unusually hot weather. I went to workout and contrary to my thought processes, I did not hydrate myself sufficiently before the workout in an non-air conditioned building. Even after swimming, a cold shower and lots of post-workout water, I still became dehydrated and seriously ill, with a killer headache, nausea, dry skin, etc. So it was a burble cause by operator error...not fatal, but certainly it got my attention. My apologies go to all skydivers for borrowing the terminology. When I can, I will post two paintings, one for today and one for yesterday.

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