Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Toes 4x4" oil

Happy Halloween weekend. I am getting to go visit my grandson this weekend so I suspect a few pastels will be done while I am there. I have found that pastels fit into uncertain time schedules, are easy to transport, easily available and just a fun way to paint when I am away from home. I don't quite get why it is called painting though, it is really drawing. I really did have my toes painted for Halloween, something I would not have done except for the generosity of my good friend who treated me to a pedicure. I liked putting all this detail into a small space. The cover is actually an oil cloth I made to cover my coffee table. It is heavy weight canvas with a 10 layers of gesso underneath and 4 layers of polyurethane on top. #111


  1. This looks great and a very unique way to portray Halloween!!!

  2. What a fun painting. Love the design and the pigeon-toed pose!


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