Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Bend 12"x16" acrylic #358

I have been traveling for the last few weeks, first to Quebec then to NC.  When I arrived in the south, I was sneezing etc., and thought it was allergies, but found out soon enough that I had a really bad cold.  As a result, I didn't do anything but paint with my mom when I felt up to it.  My mother is 87 years old and she paints almost every day.  She had been working from a photo on this beautiful scene of Big Bend Park and finished it while I was visiting, so I did a small quick version of it early on (mine is the first photo).  My mom was a huge help all week in critiquing my work.  Her style, approach, materials, tools and surface are different than I normally use, so I had some obstacles to adjust to, but it was a fun process.  Her painting is 30" by 40" and is destined for a chiropractic office in Colorado.

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