Monday, September 9, 2013


I am inspired by my two week beach vacation, but it is now time to really get busy.  I have decided to participate in Leslie Saeta's "30 Paintings in 30 Days."  It ends at the end of September so since this is #1, you can see that I am behind by a third!  I decided I would do 32, 6"x6" squares and (hopefully) when I get them all done, I will have one big painting!  I am hoping to do more than one a day to get caught up and think that is possible because, my palette will be similar day to day, and to get it underway (and keep it working together) I drew it out loosely today and finished this one piece.  I received an email today with a link to a video that really expresses how I felt after this relaxing beach vacation.  To see it (it is 10 minutes long and really really worth watching) click here.

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