Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#4 and #5 and #6 of 32

Each of these are 6"x6" and part of 32 pieces that make up one painting.  I spent the day at the Hyde House Museum in Glenn Falls, New York, looking at Georgia O'Keefe paintings, among other things.  She said it was the abstract qualities that she liked when painting whether it was of something realistic or abstract and that realistic paintings are made up of abstract elements.  I know what she was implying.  I feel like this process of painting squares really helps me to focus on the abstract qualities and the hardest part is the buildings, because my mind really wants to shift to seeing them as real objects, rather than as shapes, colors, values and lines.  I am enjoying this experiment and think the end result will reflect some learning, but also my joy at doing it.


  1. Exciting and a great challenge. Interested in how they will look together.

    1. thanks...I am interested in how they will turn out too!


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