Thursday, February 16, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Flight

The first time I flew in an airplane was when I was 16 and went to a youth conference in Washington DC and New York.  Having a sanguine personality, I naturally was there for the party, but I learned a lot and felt my horizons expand.  This week I flew to Colorado for the wedding of my nephew.  How  good it is to be with family, and mine is spread across the continent.  My favorite part is the hugs, especially the ones that feel like we are both holding on to make up for so much time, the kind that bring tears to your eyes.  Besides the wedding, the reunions, I got to meet my niece's baby for the first time.  She is beautiful and happy and such a sweet addition to our huge family.  Again, even though I have flown many places in the intervening years, and have lost the thrill of that experience, I still feel like my horizons expand each time I travel.  The attitudes and opinions we take for granted "at home" do not carry over the borders.  There are new attitudes and opinions and it is really important to be humble enough to study them and see how they influence the folks who take them for granted.  I am grateful for my crazy family, for marriages and new babies, for sharing deep thoughts and feelings and especially for the hugs.  But let's be honest (I tell myself)....I am here for the party!  Go figure!

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