Monday, February 6, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Paranoia

I have never been a very pessimistic or paranoid person.  There have been moments of course, where I have entered their realms, but it always is overwhelming so, I run back to my safe, comfortable, optimistic playground where I give everything the benefit of the doubt.  I mean everything, including the weather and (mostly) other drivers.  It comes perhaps from having a very short memory and the inability to hold on to most slights for more than a few moments.  Today, however, I realized that paranoia and pessimism have worked their wormy way into my life.  When the telephone rings at home, I jump to the conclusion that it is probably some nefarious entity trying to get a donation, buy something, or scam me, until caller ID proves me wrong.  I grew up in the nuclear fear generation when fallout shelters inhabited the backyards of relatively wealthy and paranoid neighbors.  My children's generation grew up in the era of stranger-danger, which I think, contributes to the helicopter parenting style.  These things affect us unconsciously until we recognize their presence in our lives and put their influence in their proper place. Unlike my husband, who went to bed at halftime during the Super Bowl last night, I did not lose hope that the Patriots would rally and win.  My optimism paid off in rewarding me with a really fun and exciting game.  So, today, I am going to pay attention to what things bring those two P's into my life and see if I can give them the heave-
ho.  If I do not answer your phone call today, it is because I forgot to expect it to be a friend.  Forgive me....go figure!

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