Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Figuratively Seaking - Cyrus the Great

6"x6" oil  "Cyrus's Bouquet"
History is so interesting.  Depending on how you understand the events of the past, and what version you are studying, it completely flavors how you see things today.  If you don't know much history, then everything is a bit of a first impression. Although history is made of stories with facts attached,  it always represents a point of view. Still it can be so enlightening to see how events unfold and influence attitudes and opinions that echo way into the future.  In this day of alternative realities, it seems all the more important to tell the stories that represent the closest version of truth available.  Today I have been exploring Cyrus the Great who is attributed with building the largest empire the world had seen up to that point in human history.  He is considered the Father of Iran and still has much influence in the culture and politics of Iran.  He is mentioned in the Jewish faith in having returned the Babylonian exiles to Jerusalem and is also thought by some Muslim scholars to be in the Qur'an.  Many considered him to be a tolerant leader who allowed freedom for the people to follow their own religious beliefs and customs which aided a peaceful transition when their kingdoms were conquered. It will be interesting to see how our current rulers will play out in history.  I wonder if Cyrus had a florist.  That seems like one of those traditions that go far back into history...picking flowers and putting them in a container.  It has no real purpose other than to lift our spirits and bring beauty into our lives.  Enjoy this one.
Below is my 30 sketches in 30 days project all wrapped up....go figure!

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