Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Procrastination Occupations

Quick Sketch #9 Waterfalls  -  Graphite on paper
It can seem so sweet and practical that voice of procrastination.  "Clean the refrigerator, especially those crumbs under the drawer that no one will ever see and while you are at it, clean the entire kitchen, reorganize the pantry and then go out to the studio."  So, a few hours later and feeling like I have accomplished much, I head out to the studio and am feeling a bit uneasy about what to work on, and whether I am equipped to do a good job when my friend, procrastination reminds me to sweep and dust the studio so I can have a calm mind to proceed.  Honestly this conversation can go on and on and I can indulge this cleaning muse until the stars come out.  The logic is unfailing.  The reward is tangible, but the problem is that ultimately it is motivated by my own insecurities. Until I face those, I will not be able to create.  Creating is what satisfies me, gives me a voice that often surprises me, and creates a bridge from what needs to be done to what is possible. Go figure....

1 comment:

  1. Your words seem to come home to me exactly.... I love your little sketch. Free and spontaneous!!


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