Thursday, January 26, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Self Critiquing

 I have been really paying attention to values lately...dark, light, and mid-values.  It makes for a better design I think, and really defines the light.  However, I see that the strong shadow cast by the fan, in this drawing, is too solid looking.  It has too much substance.  I think I need to go back in and use the eraser to lighten it and give it more of a transparent look.  This process of self critiquing is really important.  Rather than feeling frustrated by what doesn't work, I am trying to think it through logically and make real decisions about what changes need to happen.  Of course I think this applies to everything...our everyday lives.  Self critiquing, not criticizing or self promoting, is a worthwhile pursuit and will, hopefully, in the long run make us better people.  Keeping the good....getting rid of the not-so-good...refining...polishing. We need to check out our own values to see if they are a transparent filter in which the world views each of us, instead of a solid object that we turn into a soap box to stand on.   Self critiquing is a good process, don't you think?  Go Figure....

1 comment:

  1. Great thoughts about painting, and about living. Thank you, Christine!


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