Friday, January 27, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Time Dilemma

There seem to be more moments in life when we are either wishing time would pass more quickly to get to an exciting event or to avoid an unpleasant one, or wishing it would slow down because there isn't enough time in the day to do whatever, or the babies are growing up too fast, or I just wish I could sit on this beach for a few days more.  Rarely it seems do we actually live in the moment and appreciate it fully by breathing deeply and letting our senses and feelings just savor the moment.  I think it is true that time seems to speed up as we get older.  Maybe it has to do with coming to terms with our own mortality.  We know we have a limited amount of time are we going to experience it?  I was doing yoga the other day and the instructor  was guiding us in relaxation.  She said, "go to your happy place."  Immediately the image of my grandkids came to mind.  They were climbing on me, and snuggling into my lap and then my mind went to the garden and we all were dancing.  I can't say this was the most relaxing image.  I could feel my muscles responding to the image, but it was an authentic "happy place."  I don't think we have to sit still to really be in the moment.  I know artists who talk about being in the zone when time seems to stand still.  I think this happens to us all in different situations.  It helps us to live life to the fullest by stretching out those moments when we are really in tune with where we are.  I hope you enjoy your moments today.  I am going to conscientiously walk down the stairs and start the laundry and really be in the moment with my detergent and dirty clothes.  Go figure.....


  1. I loved reading this! In my family, When we catch ourselves really being aware of how happy we feel at the moment, we have to say "memory lock". It reminds us to cherish those moments and remember them. Beautiful words and beautify artwork, Christine!

  2. I am going to adopt that phrase! What a wonderful idea! Thanks, Laurie


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