Sunday, January 8, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - More Good Habits

So many habits - good and bad - crammed into such little time....brushing teeth, changing clothes, exercising, eating healthy foods, talking to loved ones, planning for the future, entertainment, feeding the intellect and then there is creating.  Creating is made up of a lot of little habits and a bit of inspiration.  Sometimes it is all too much!  January is one of the 30 in 30 day challenges months and I have been traveling and now am catching up, planning for classes and starting new commissions, finishing up projects that weren't completed in 2016.  One habit I want to get better at is quick sketches so this is the perfect project for me for January 2017.  Since I am just getting around to posting today, the attached sketches represent days 1-8.  I am trying out the new pencil I got for Christmas which is a mechanical lead holder (5.6mm, grade 2B) purchased through "Art Alternatives."  I love the pencil so I am motivated to test it out.  I am just doing the sketches in a little sketch book and I am not spending much time on them.  These first drawings are just to get a feel for the pencil.  I hope to develop to the point that by the end of the month I have a few really good drawings.  It is all about developing good habits - go figure!

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