Monday, December 12, 2016

Figuratively Speaking-Innocent Delight

6"x6" oil Sold
             I visited my neighbor today who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this weekend.  She is perfect, soft and miniature!  There is something so unique about being around a newborn.  They are so fresh and unimprinted.  When they look around there is a surprise and wonderment in their eyes.  That seems to slowly change over time as we get older and more aware of the ins and outs of how the world works.  Still there are those moments of astonishment that can catch the most cynical of us with "Innocent Delight."  I believe it is a worthwhile mission to seek that out, whether in others or by looking for the miracles in the way life and our physical world are created.  I will be with my grandkids on Christmas morning and I am looking forward to their delight that the cookies have been eaten and mystery behind the pretty wrapped packages.  I would love to hear about your moments of innocent delight and I wish you many more!

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