Saturday, December 10, 2016

Figuratively Speaking - Sisters

6"x6" oil  SOLD
The thing about sisters.....where do I begin?  I am blessed with 4 sisters and several more almost sisters.  They each are unique, individualistic, self assured, talented and opinionated.  I am second in line, got hand me downs (which I never minded) was the most rebellious, and was always in awe of one of my other sisters.  My older sister, is one of the most generous and giving of women I know.  She is also hard headed, creative, imaginative, evasive and stronger than she realizes.  She has always loved books and reading which is amazing because I remember my father teaching her how to read and it was a painful process.  It was so painful, I decided I would learn on my own!  The same thing happened when we started to drive.  There were times when we just butted heads, and she knew, better than anyone,  how to get me to cry. But,  there have been more times where we have been best of friends.  All of my sisters are creative and beautiful.  Linda paints and knits.  Barb sews and gardens and raised 7 kids.  Sharon makes beautiful handmade cards and never forgets an event, anniversary, birthday or holiday.  Patty could be anything she set her mind to.  She is a natural at interior decorating and fashion (neither of which I know anything about).  Then there is Mary who is smart and so, so funny and Brenda who is sweet, smart, organized and full of surprises.  I don't think any of them read my blog, but I love them all and am OK saying it to my little world of which you are included.  Let me know who is special to you.

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