Thursday, December 1, 2016

Figuratively Speaking: Multi-tasking

5"x7" oil Price $100

Figuratively Speaking
Jet Blue has a travel bank and I had $XXX dollars in it that I had to use today.  My nephew was generous enough to decide to get married in Colorado in February, so I had a destination I was going to have to fly to anyway.  The problem is that we live in Vermont not an easy place to get to on major transportation, and none of the flights, buses, train schedules
match up to make it easy.  So there are extra days added on, extra hotels, rental cars and everything that goes with it.  On top of that, we are flying out of Boston which means we now have to plan our trip there an extra day early and come back a day later (more hotels etc.).  All of this so we don't lose the significant $XXX in our travel bank.  Did I say I had to use those today or lose them? 

My painting, "Multi-tasking" seems like such a perfect match for today.

I need a cup of hot chocolate!  Don' t you?  (you deserve it you know!)

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