Monday, December 5, 2016

Figuratively Speaking - The Good and the Not So GoodThe

The Good and Not So Good     11"x14" acrylic Price $200
The heater of the pool at the sports club has been broken for a few days so the water temperature is dropping rapidly.  There were only a handful of us hearty souls willing to take the plunge today.  Everyone else thought we were crazy.  Once you move fast enough and your body heats up, it becomes tolerable and dreaming about taking a hot shower and sitting in the sauna kept us motivated.  The other issue at the club is that they are replacing the women's showers, so there is no shower to take and since the sauna is next to the showers, it also is closed.  That's the way life goes.  Sometimes you just wake up and get a bucket of lemons.  There are a lot of things to be grateful for in this story, like being able to swim, having a pool to go to, etc, etc, but it is not November (the Thankful month) it is December (the Giving month) so I won't wax on about gratitude.  So, on to the gifting part.  That came after I dried off, got dressed and walked outside where the snow was falling sideways which means the wind was blowing.  However, after that invigorating swim, it felt great!  My body was completely adjusted to dealing with the cold and I felt more energized than I have for a long time!  So, that is the lemonade part.

This is life...the good and not so good.  We keep moving along and try to grab a hold of the wonderful moments and get through the tough ones.  I paint happy paintings because, well they are easy to look at and they make me feel good. 

What kind of paintings are your favorites?

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