Sunday, January 29, 2017

Figuratively Speaking -

My boys came to visit yesterday.  We celebrated my baby's 38th birthday (that is revealing) by going to an indoor virtual golf place and played for a couple of hours on a beautiful seaside golf course while it snowed outside. We laughed, teased, and munched on really good tasting but bad for you food.  I felt a little sick after a couple of pieces of fried cheese.  Then we played space miniature golf (all computerized) and I won!  I got a hole in one, a birdie and par.  I was feeling pretty pumped up until Carl pointed out I was last one up and had the advantage of analyzing the play. Being the only woman can be tricky business when playing with men.  There is a spirit of generosity and graciousness until you beat them!  I rarely get to have my boys all to myself.  They are usually accompanied by friends or their family, which is also fun, but I need my mother/son time once in a blue moon.  Virtual golf was a success with this crowd, and we will do it again someday. We usually go bowling once a year and I think it is about time to do that.  I will make sure I am first on the roster so I don't have the advantage of analyzing the other bowlers.....go figure!

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