Thursday, January 12, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - I Don't Need It

Figuratively Speaking- Quick Sketches #11
My grandson asked if he could go to a cafe with Mimi (me) and Papa for a bagel snack for his birthday celebration, since we were going to miss being with him on the assigned day.  We had a wonderful time at Spring Hill Cafe in Oregon City.  It has a growing wall inside (fun) and an art gallery.  After devouring a chocolate croissant the size of his head and a bagel, we walked around the gallery and talked about the art.  He loved a piece with parrots on it and some little handmade sketch books.  I asked him which one was his favorite and he didn't hesitate to grab the book that caught his fancy.  I said we could get it and he could use it to carry with him to sketch (something he likes doing).  He put it down and said to me, "Wait, let me think about it."  He decided not to get it; his reasoning was that even though he wanted it, he didn't need it.  He is only 6, and very wise.  Go figure!

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  1. Lovely sketches, Christine! Your grandson is being taught well!


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