Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Figuratively Speaking -Ethan Allen and the Girl in Fringy Shawl

In 1777 Vermont was declared an independent state in Westminter after 36 years of squabbling, and worse, between New York, New Hampshire and the Green Mountain Boys (rebels) headed by Ethan and Ira Allen.  The United States government did not recognize it at that time and there were secret negotiations about joining the British through Canada.
Vermont really is just a sliver of land.  My husband calls it a state park with lots of villages.  The population is about 1/2 million and the largest city is only 38,000.  Montpelier is the only state capitol to not have a McDonald's (you won't find a Walmart or a Starbucks either). 
The Green Mountains run north-south like a spine, down the center of the state.  The Taconic Mountains border the southwestern border, Lake Champlain the northwest border and the Connecticut River runs the length of the eastern border.  It has traditionally been a conservative state (Calvin Coolidge) but in recent history, it has leaned seriously left politically.  You may recall that Bernie Sanders represents Vermont.
I love our good food, gorgeous scenery, generous attitude, focus on health and exercise, access to arts and culture and education, entrepreneurial spirit, and of course the lovely young girls in fringy shawls!  It provides a lifestyle worth defending and I am glad that Ethan Allen was a fiery radical who helped carve out this forest and make it into a state.
Just in case you wondered.....go figure!

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