Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Figuratively Speaking - Twists and Turns

Quick Sketches #9  -  Graphite on Paper
I have been out of my studio in New England for more than a month, spending that time with my grandkids on the west coast.  We experienced an unusual snow event and had snowball fights and built some pretty adorable but wimpy snow people.  We played games, took long walks, visited museums, sang songs and danced around, built magical kingdoms and did a lot of drawing, painting and art projects.  My life was filled with love, hugs, kisses, and creativity but no painting of the type I do for myself.  Drawing is a segue for me back into painting.  In drawing with my 6 year old grandson I noticed he approaches his subjects like a contour drawing.  His eyes follow the Twists and Turns of the edge of whatever motif he is looking at.  He constructs "made up" drawings with large geometric shapes that represent the feeling of the posture of his subject.  These both seem like fairly sophisticated approaches to drawing and it will be fun to see if this develops into an obsessive interest, like his Grandma has.  Capturing both an interesting representation of an object and the spirit in the drawing is really the challenge.  I think that comes with letting intuition instruct and practice inform....a bit of inspiration applied to a formula.....go figure!

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