Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lime, Apple, Orange

This is another painting I did at Carol Marine's workshop. She really worked with us on getting the values and reflected light right and I am happy with how this turned out. At first I didn't like the orange because we had done exercises all morning and I painted an orange 10 times trying to get it right, so by the time I did this one I honestly hated oranges! I like them now and I love the shadows on this orange. Compositionally it looks like a giant moon revolving around two little planets! #65


  1. Well done. I was feeling the same way about the eggplants I painted in the ten minute exercise.
    This was my second workshop with Carol and I know I'll be doing more. I've never met a better teacher.

  2. I like this one a lot - the shadows are great and so are the highlights- I emailed you from my account, but I have a feeling you didn't get it, so I just resent it from my account - I hope we can catch up soon!

  3. This is really nice. Great contrast and dimension. Looks like the workshop is very helpful!

  4. I really like this one. Keep up the great work.


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