Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Edge

This is a conundrum I sometimes face when painting from photos: how do I add something to the painting that is not expressed in the photo?My photos are generally pretty amateurish, so I don't worry about this much, but when I paint from a great photo, I sometimes wonder what I added to an already fabulous photo. The photo this painting is based on was taken by my extremely talented niece Samantha Kehl. I enjoyed this painting and it adds something of interest to my series of "feet" but I think the photo was a true piece of art. On another front, I hung 25 pieces in galleries today, which makes it a very busy day for the business of making art. I put in another order to Carl (my husband and frame maker) for 70 frames. I think I am getting serious about this.#63

1 comment:

  1. Yipes, 70 frames. You're right this is serious. 25 hanging sounds like quite an accomplishment as well.
    Some friends and I are having a one day show and sale so I can understand how much work that 25 represents.


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