Sunday, July 10, 2011

Siesta oil 8"x10" #306

I have learned a bunch of new things which I am trying to apply in an accurate way. One of those is about photographing my work. There are some improvements but the colors aren't quite right as I was trying to compensate for a washed out look the photo had. I need to try a couple of different set-ups until I come up with one that really works. I painted on stretched canvas for this workshop and I realized that I really prefer smooth panels. I have never tried linen panels....maybe I will like those. The texture is the problem for me. I worked on creating more mystery and toning down my colors in all but the focal point. This was a lot harder for me than I would have thought. I really am drawn to very saturated colors, but I understand how this can be overwhelming. I was in a Mexican restaurant decorated with really saturated oranges browns and earthy greens. A woman came in who had on royal blue pants, a bright red shirt and magenta/purple hair. I suddenly realized why such saturated colors in abundance can be an assault on your sensitivities! I shared a still-life set-up with Grace, a beautiful lady and painter from Arizona. We were matched well, but in sharing the still-life there were compensations to be made. I didn't get the placement right and our lighting wasn't great for this one but we both learned a lot in the process.

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