Monday, July 18, 2011

Consider the Lilies oil 6"x6" #314

I know I need to do some serious flower studies to understand the shapes, colors and turning of the pedals. I am so glad I did these when I did, because later today I looked at these flowers in my garden and they are starting to wilt. I wanted to post this morning, but we had a thunder storm and our power went out, the phone and internet service went down and I couldn't get cell service. I felt like I was under siege. It doesn't take long to realize how dependent we are on our conveniences. I am happy with this painting, but I know that I need to really practice how to make confident and varied brushstrokes. I am limited in this respect. I also did this for the Daily Paintworks challenge about interpreting music. My music selection was based on my desire to paint lilies so I listened to every rendition I could find of "Consider the Lilies." My favorite was an old-time bluegrass gospel rendition. It is a song based on the "Sermon On the Mount."


  1. I love the contrast in this! AND the dark background. Did you use a KJ black gesso panel?

  2. beautiful work. let us consider the lily! you are right.

  3. Really nice vivid and harmonious color combinations I think. Sounds as though you've been having some unexpected challenges electronically speaking!


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