Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hope for the Future9"x9"

9"x9" acrylic
The last few paintings I have done have been from other people's photos.  I like painting from photos because you can do things that make it a better image, more fun, more imaginative.  I have great respect for really artistic photographers.  They can capture things in a professional and artistic way which most of us can't.  The truth is that many of the photos we take that have meaning or tell a story are pretty crumby images, but they still are important and special.  Each painting I do from a photo teaches me something more about how to do it better.  Painting from life is always good, but painting from photos is also inspiring to me, and I am able to do more and practice my craft because of the availability of photos.  I agree that it is good to take your own photos to paint from, but I have found that many of the commissions I have done needed a reference photo I could not take. This has pushed me to actually embrace photos for the tools they can be.
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