Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Santa could be an authentic bloak
If myths were real and not a joke.
Reindeer, sleighs, and a special toy
For each and every girl and boy
Who waits expectantly for that incredible sight
Of a chimney arrival in the dead of night?????

A scientific explanation for this to be true,
makes me question this story and so should you.

Maybe he’s real but he’s a regular guy
Not a miniature fellow, or some other lie.
Maybe he’s old and jolly, but trim,
Cause he eats vegetarian and works out at the gym.
Instead of the North Pole and a fat sleigh-flying elf,
He could ride a two wheeler all by himself
On his custom made bike that is tricked out to the max
Cause he built it himself from recycled trash.
His extreme generosity which seems an obsession
Could be a 12-step program to fend off depression.
Maybe he has the real Christmas spirit
That we all should have, though we seldom get near it.

I can see it all now!  It’s not that he’s trippy.
It’s just that Saint Nick is really a hippy!
So if you see him in town peddling mile after mile,
Share a wave of hello and a holiday smile!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from this old hippy.

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