Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Sunset

8"x8" acrylic
Sometimes something comes into your life at exactly the perfect moment and you just know it was meant to be.  I saw the photo this painting is based on quite a while ago.  It was taken by my high school chum and neighbor, Bonnie Calvert Narvid who now lives on a boat!  Today it was the perfect painting for me to do.  It has much more meaning to me.  Painting can truly be therapeutic!  Whenever I am painting from a photo I have to pick and choose what I will include, what I want to suggest, what I need to add that isn't there in the photo. The other challenge with a photo like this is that, the reality behind the photo is so spectacular it is hard to come close to the beauty with a panel, and some wet chemicals we call paint.  There is the feeling of the air, the smells, the sounds and the emotions they invoke.  That is what I tried to convey.  I hope I came close.  Thank you Bonnie.
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