Friday, March 4, 2011

15 Minute Pose oil 8"x10" #237

Belinda del Pesco posted this today: "Painter Gerald Brommer says you have to paint a minimum of three days a week just to keep from getting worse." That is motivation! I am a newer skier and although I am approaching 60 and not a big athlete, I know that I have to get out a couple of hours almost every day to keep my rhythm and courage, especially when I have half the year when I can't do it. Next year when I go out again it will take me a couple of weeks before I start to feel comfortable on the slopes. That is the way it is with drawing and painting. It is a bit like riding a bike in that you don't forget, but it takes practice to keep the rhythm and there will still be failures, but they will be wrapped in a lot of successes. I have really busy Thursdays so I don't get to paint until the evening when I meet with other artists and a model. It is mostly short poses and a lot of drawing, but I try to do a couple of really quick oil sketches so that I can get better at them. Even though they don't take much time, they take a lot of effort, quick thinking and fast movement. Sometimes I get something exciting and sometimes it is just a hot mess!

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