Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lincoln In Color 8x10" oil #241

This is the second part of Raymond Logan's challenge, doing Lincoln in color. It created different problems and questions in choosing colors and keeping the values. I struggled with this exercise and it shows in how tight everything is. Lisa Daria's rendition of Lincoln is true to her style...very loose and expressive. You can see hers and the rest at:http://dailypaintworks.com/Challenge/A478B026-D8AE-4D2A-83A3-FA3BBE810231


  1. I found this to be such a tempting challenge and I may yet do it. I'm certainly going to look at the challenge page.
    Raymond picked a hard one.

  2. Nice job on the challenge, Christine. By doing both you dared to go where many did not, and I bet you learned a lot in the process, I know I did!

  3. I find this one to be more dynamic than the B&W one, but admittedly I'm over-saturated with Lincoln art by virtue of being a central Illinois resident. Both of them are very well executed.


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