Monday, March 21, 2011

Resting Gaze oil 8"x8" #254

I enjoyed working on the gallery series this weekend after just doing watercolors for a week. When I was doing this, I realized that the stranger in the striped shirt was becoming the image of a very close friend. Frequently student artists will reveal a bit of a self portrait in painting models. I think we just gravitate to what is familiar. I see this person as someone who is resting for her friend's sake, but she is anxious to keep her attention on the art she loves so much. I think her friend wishes she had brought her ipod!

The feet painting is my submission to the Daily Paintworks challenge for Japan. If you go to you can bid on this painting or many others by all kinds of artists and all proceeds will go to help Japan. The theme is "Home."


  1. Love these 2 sitting there, you have portrayed their characters well, even viewed from behind.

  2. Your gesture is just so good! I don't know which I like best, the tired friend longing for her ipod or the kind friend ready to start looking again.

  3. Those are really fun feet. We would be happy to post that at toemail and promote the help Japan cause at the same time. Just need a location and we are good to go!


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