Friday, March 22, 2013

Stepping Out With Friends 5"x7" oil

I have been very busy organizing my photos which are completely out of control, naming them and building a website.  I am also learning a gazillion  other things in Leslie Saeta's webinArts class, but it is taking me an inordinate amount of time which diminishes my time to paint.  However, in the process of trying to track down the names of some of my pieces, I realized there are several that I didn't post, including this one, which I love!  Karin Jurick calls these "tuxedo colors" and I really like that image.  What I like about this piece is their posture, and the way they are almost a part of the background painting "Stepping Out" by Roy Lichtenstein.  I am including a test slide show project I did to practice for learning how to do this.  It is VERY short!  Enjoy.

click here for a very short painting video

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