Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not a Whisper

5"x7" oil
This is not a new painting but one that really speaks to today.  We have had a really long bout of rainy weather, with a small break yesterday.  It was cool and there was a slight breeze this morning, with hope that it would dry a bit, but alas, the air is still and there is the promise of coming thunderstorms which could be quite severe.  They tell us that Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be sunny, and of course hope springs eternal.  The flooding is pervasive and our crystal clear rivers are muddied with silt...still, it is a gorgeous landscape.  I am working on an artist's journal for my class this Friday.  It is really fun!  I have kept sketchbooks and journals over the years, but I never actually planned one out the way I am doing this one.  I will post photos as I complete pages.  Today is Wednesday; something tells me I won't be done by Friday!  But, I love new projects!

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  1. Beautiful painting. Sorry to hear of those torrential rains. My college age son is living in the woods in Southern Vermont on a lake. He says it has been relentlessly moist.

    1. sunshine and blue spots in the sky!!! Today is a day of hope! Thanks Susan...I hope your son really enjoys the rest of his summer in beautiful VT....


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