Monday, July 1, 2013


Reflections 5"x5" oil
I think I have finally come up with a pretty good method for photographing my work...yeah!  I am currently in love with garlic.  I have always loved garlic for its culinary deliciousness and medicinal uses, but now I am studying it for its aesthetic contributions.  Although this looks like 2 bulbs, it actually is one with a reflection in a mirror.  I decided to leave out the mirror reference and just go with the two bulbs.  I worked hard on creating interesting grays in this, something I struggle with.  It is also a different size.  Sometimes it is so soothing to paint a very simple but beautiful piece of our world!  Funny thing is, right after I finished this we went out to eat at a new (for us) restaurant and there were 2 framed watercolors above our table of garlic...very lovely.  I couldn't read the name f the artist.

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