Friday, March 14, 2014

Babushka Baby

8"x8" oil
One of the reasons I write a blog is to catalog my work and the thoughts involved in painting it.  This way I record something about my frame of mind as well as the process of discovery and growth that I am experiencing on the journey.  Of course I also do it to expose an audience to my work and hopefully create an interest for buyers and those who want to have a commission done. I read other artists blogs to get insight into how they work and because I am so amazed at how well so many people tell their story through color and brushwork.  This little one gave me fits!  I spent so much time on this painting which really looks straight forward an d simple.  I tried painting it loose and I tried painting it detailed.  So what did I learn? (that is what Jo MacKenzie always asks in her blog).  Once again I am reminded that the tools you use make a big difference.  The texture and quality of the panel, the consistency and color of the paint, and the brushes and other tools all have a big impact on how it will turn out.
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