Thursday, March 6, 2014

Still Life 9

8"x8" oil
I think I am about done with this series.  I may do a couple more, but I am thinking about my next project.  I am currently working on these, a series of portraits of kids and families, and I have been thinking about a series of abstract landscapes I want to do.  Today I was listening to a classical radio station and they were featuring a violinist and quoting this musician about how he came to the understanding that thinking about his performances in terms of being the best or not good enough limited his ability to fully experience his art form.  He realized they were never as good as they could be or as bad as he thought they were so he quit designing his programs around these ideas and just started to enjoy his own work.  I think this applies to so many aspects of our lives.  We tend to live in a state of comparison and we need to free ourselves to do what we love and share it with others.  So this is for you in hopes that you get some enjoyment from looking at it!

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