Thursday, April 24, 2014

Still In Love

9"x12" oil
True love lasts a lifetime...even if you have a bunch of kids.  This scene is from Ireland.  It is a commission which I was thrilled to do.  My painting group is meeting tomorrow and I think I will have them critique it for me, but I am pretty happy with the results.  Let me know if you see something I don't.
ENTER MY PAINTING GIVE AWAY   directions here.

Here are the clues:  1) It is a BBC production
                                2)  It is a period piece
                                3)  It is a popular TV series
                                4) These characters were only featured in the first two series
Today's clues           5) It is set during WWII
                                 6) The female character in the painting is Bea.
A winner will be chosen on Friday.

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