Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Ladies on a Couch

10"x10" oil
This came out very blue.  Sometimes I go through painting a bunch of very warm, saturated paintings and then I do a bunch of cooler and more neutral pieces.  One thing I wanted to accomplish with this was to get a sense of the rich wallpaper and how the light hit it differently.  I wanted that effect without spending a lot of time painting in specific patterns.  Maybe if I was doing this very large, then that would be more important, but I didn't want it to distract from the John Singer Sergeant painting or the the ladies that are looking at it.  There are two large Chinese vases in the painting and also two that are standing on either side of the painting at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  I loved the style of the two ladies sitting and looking at the painting.  I think this would be a fun painting to do in a larger size in warm colors.  I really enjoyed doing this and I love his work.  I also took a lot of photos of hands he paints.  I love the way they look so elegant with minimalist strokes.

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